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Our firm has created a tool specifically for plaintiff attorneys and their settling clients to help determine if any special planning is needed in order for the clients to maintain their eligibility for their needs-based government benefits after receiving the settlement. This process provides benefits to both the client and the firm: firms enjoy liability protection and clients are able to stay on their needs-based government benefits. 

We call this screening tool the Government Benefit Assessment.

Government Benefit Assessment Process

Here’s an overview of how the Government Benefit Assessment works: We create a unique website with a custom link for law firms to send to clients. This link takes the clients to a questionnaire, asking them basic questions about the government benefits that they, their family members, or anyone in their household may be receiving. The completed questionnaire that contains the client’s answers is returned to our firm.

We review those answers and create a letter that we send to the firm and the clients in PDF format. If the client does not receive any benefits, then their responses are documented through the letter.

On the other hand, if they are receiving benefits, then it will state whether those benefits are going to be affected by receiving a legal settlement. If they are going to be affected, the letter gives them resources and education about what to do to make sure that they don’t lose eligibility for those government benefits. If the client has questions about the letter, our firm is happy to speak with the client.

Liability Protection

This process takes the responsibility off of the paralegals or the legal assistants who are handling the settlement phase of the case. The Government Benefit Assessment handles screening the client’s household for benefits.

Government benefits eligibility rules are complicated. Your firm is busy working up and settling cases — you likely don’t have the manpower or the expertise to provide education to clients on what to do after receiving their settlement.

By outsourcing the government benefits education and planning to our law firm, your firm is protected from liability. The letter we prepare for each client can be added to each client’s file. That way, you have documentation in every client file showing that advice regarding government benefits was provided to the client.

The letter we prepare contains information that will ensure that both the attorney and the client know what needs to be done to protect the client’s benefits. Clients will not be able to come to your firm after receiving a settlement and complain that they did not know the implications receiving a settlement would have on their government benefits.


Our Government Benefit Assessment process is a great tool for plaintiff attorneys to make sure clients or their family members can still be eligible for Medicaid, SSI, housing, and other benefits after receiving a legal settlement. The Assessment provides protection both for the firm and the clients. It removes the stress and responsibility from paralegals and legal assistants who are trying to handle this in-house.

If you’re interested in having a custom Government Benefit Assessment website created for your firm, give us a call. We will set it up at no charge. The only charge to you or your firm is when a client goes through the process. We charge a $100 fee per client. The fee is paid at the time of settlement and can be billed as a case cost to the client. Your firm doesn’t have to front any of the cost.

The Government Benefit Assessment saves time, energy, and provides liability protection for your firm. Clients who complete the assessment are grateful to know that there’s an outside firm with expertise in settlement planning making sure that they’re not going to lose their benefits once they receive a settlement.

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