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October 2017 Update on Liability Medicare Set Asides

Over the past several months, plaintiff attorneys and the settlement planning community have anticipated that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) would be publishing some sort of guidance regarding Liability Medicare Set Aside Accounts (LMSAs) and No-Fault [...]

Protect Your Clients from “Cash Now” Companies

As a personal injury attorney, you hate it when your former clients that are receiving structured settlement annuity payments are targeted by the “cash now” companies we all see on TV.  All of the planning done at the time of [...]

Why You Should Include a “No-1099” Provision in Settlement Agreements

Why You Should Include a “No-1099” Provision in Settlement Agreements At the recent annual conference of the Society of Settlement Planners, one of the presenters suggested adding a provision regarding Form 1099s to settlement agreements. Defendants or their insurers [...]

Top Attorney Malpractice Pitfalls in Personal Injury Cases

There's a lot to remember when you're dealing with a personal injury case.  At Amicus, we see some of the common mistakes made by attorneys, and we want to help you avoid those same mistakes.  This articles lists some [...]

Improve Your Case Intake Form for Smoother Settlements

Injury victims are increasingly relying on government programs like Medicaid, SSI, and Housing Benefits in order to make ends meet and get the medical care that they need. Clients often fail to inform their attorneys about the government benefits that [...]