Structured Settlements

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The Best of Both Worlds: Coordinating Trusts with Structured Settlement Annuities

Structured Settlement Annuities – Advantages and Disadvantages Personal injury attorneys are well aware of the benefits of structured settlement annuities and the role they play in settling a personal injury claim. Notably, structured annuities are an excellent vehicle to [...]

Tax Advantages of Structured Settlements

Income Tax The IRC has provided for tax advantages of structured settlements.  Settlement recoveries arising from compensatory damages for personal physical injuries are income tax free. IRC Section 104(a)(2) states in part: "...gross income does not include the amount of [...]

Why You Need a Settlement Planner

Over a thirty year legal career, the average lawyer is sued for malpractice three times[1].  Of the 40,000 claims for legal malpractice every year, 12,000 result in some recovery of money damages[2].  Between the last two studies performed by the ABA, [...]

Protecting the Settlement Recovery: Planning Options for Settlement Recipients and their Attorneys

Protecting the Settlement Recovery: Planning Options for Settlement Recipients and their Attorneys Greg B. Maxwell, Esq., CFP®, and Joseph W. Tombs, Esq., CFP® Note: This article was originally published in the Utah Trial Journal in the Spring / Summer [...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Structured Settlements

Structured Settlement Annuities A structured settlement annuity is a tool that helps a claimant ensure that the funds from a settlement will be available in the future. While there are many positive aspects about structured settlements, a wise settlement planner will balance [...]

What is Settlement Planning?

A settlement plan is a detailed, comprehensive look at a client's financial situation with specific recommendations designed to help a client be in the best possible financial position after receiving settlement proceeds. What is Settlement Planning? Settlement planning involves allocating [...]

Top Attorney Malpractice Pitfalls in Personal Injury Cases

There's a lot to remember when you're dealing with a personal injury case.  At Amicus, we see some of the common mistakes made by attorneys, and we want to help you avoid those same mistakes.  This articles lists some [...]

Cash, Structured Annuities, or Trusts: Which is Best for an Injury Victim?

A personal injury client’s recovery may take several forms – cash, future payments, trusts, or a blend of each.  Each of these three options has distinct advantages and disadvantages.  No case and no client are the same, and no single [...]