Trusts and Asset Management

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The Best of Both Worlds: Coordinating Trusts with Structured Settlement Annuities

Structured Settlement Annuities – Advantages and Disadvantages Personal injury attorneys are well aware of the benefits of structured settlement annuities and the role they play in settling a personal injury claim. Notably, structured annuities are an excellent vehicle to [...]

What is Settlement Planning?

A settlement plan is a detailed, comprehensive look at a client's financial situation with specific recommendations designed to help a client be in the best possible financial position after receiving settlement proceeds. What is Settlement Planning? Settlement planning involves allocating [...]

Top Attorney Malpractice Pitfalls in Personal Injury Cases

There's a lot to remember when you're dealing with a personal injury case.  At Amicus, we see some of the common mistakes made by attorneys, and we want to help you avoid those same mistakes.  This articles lists some [...]

Settling a Case for a Client with an Uncertain Future? Think “Trigger Trust”

A trigger trust can be beneficial for a client who does not currently need or qualify for these needs-based government benefits (Medicaid, SSI, Section 8 Housing) but who may need such government assistance in the future depending on what happens [...]

Cash, Structured Annuities, or Trusts: Which is Best for an Injury Victim?

A personal injury client’s recovery may take several forms – cash, future payments, trusts, or a blend of each.  Each of these three options has distinct advantages and disadvantages.  No case and no client are the same, and no single [...]

Managing Dissipation Risk through Education

Dissipation risk is the risk that a person will blow money irresponsibly. This risk is particularly present when a person receives “sudden money.”  Sources of sudden money may include an inheritance, lottery winnings or a tort settlement. Settlement recipients are [...]