Government Benefits Planning

We help ensure that receiving a legal settlement does not impact the ongoing government benefit eligibility of your clients or their household members.

government benefits planning

Preserving Ongoing Government Benefit Eligibility

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Government Benefits Planning

We thoroughly review an individual’s government benefits and those of others in their household, and make appropriate recommendations for the settlement proceeds or other source of assets.

Ensuring a plan that will work with government benefits programs can protect your client’s long-term financial security.

preserving medicaid & ssi benefits

Special Needs Trusts

If your client is disabled or has special needs, careful planning is required. Because Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income  (SSI) are needs-based, receipt of settlement proceeds can jeopardize your client’s eligibility for these programs.

We help attorneys ensure that disabled clients maintain eligibility for these government programs. We often assist attorneys by creating a Special Needs Trust (SNT) for their client that can be used alone, or in conjunction with a structured settlement annuity, to maintain government entitlement eligibility.

A new tool for disabled individuals

ABLE Accounts

The ABLE Act was passed to to enable individuals with disabilities and their families to save and pay for disability-related expenses.

The ABLE Act accomplished this purpose by allowing for the creation of a financial account (“ABLE Account”) similar to a 529 college savings account.

ABLE Accounts can be a great planning tool if the client meets the eligibility requirements. If eligible, pairing an ABLE Account with a Special Needs Trust can provide a client with added flexibility as well as the option to pay for food and shelter expenses.

we screen and educate your clients

Government Benefit Assessment

Approximately 40% of personal injury clients receive a needs-based government benefit (Medicaid, SSI, Section 8 Housing, etc.). Without proper planning, receiving a settlement of virtually any amount will jeopardize or eliminate a client’s benefits after settlement.

We created an online Assessment that protects your firm from failure-to-inform liability and helps your clients know what they need to do to maintain their government benefits. With our Assessment, you can outsource the hassle of dealing with a client’s government benefits to us.

Medicare set asides and MSP compliance

Medicare Secondary Payer Act

Complying with the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Act can be frustrating and time-consuming. Enlisting our firm to help navigate these allows you to spend more time on what you do best  while we deal with your clients’ Medicare issues.

We can help evaluate your workers’ compensation and third party liability cases to ensure Medicare’s future interests have been considered. We can provide an MSA Opinion Letter, or if necessary, we can provide full Medicare Set Aside allocation services.


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