What We Do

We help plaintiffs and plaintiff attorneys with tax, legal, and financial planning on legal settlements.

what we do

Our Practice Areas

Structured Settlement Annuities

We help attorneys and their clients evaluate their situation to determine if a structured settlement is the right fit for a portion of the settlement funds. Our structured settlement solutions are designed to prepare for and meet the client’s future needs. 

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Trusts and Asset Management

We analyze your clients’ situations, future needs, and long-term goals to determine if they could benefit from the flexibility found in a trust-based solution or from personalized asset management. We then design a balanced solution to ensure your client’s future well-being.

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Government Benefits Planning

We help ensure that receiving a legal settlement does not impact the ongoing government benefit eligibility of your clients or their household members. We also help attorneys comply with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act.

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Tax Deferral of Attorney Legal Fees

Personal injury attorneys have the unique ability to defer the receipt of their legal fee to future tax years. We specialize in creating customized strategies for attorneys to minimize taxes, fund retirement or other future goals, normalize firm cash flows, and retain key employees.

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Let Us Help You

Our goal at Amicus Settlement Planners is to be the premier, comprehensive resource for personal injury attorney for all of the financial and legal issues that arise at the time of settlement.

We’d love to explore how we can help you and your clients.