Why Plaintiff Attorneys Haven’t Heard About Deferred Compensation Plans

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In the past several months, we have spoken with over two hundred personal injury attorneys and contingency fee-based attorneys from all over the country about our deferred compensation program. One of the most common questions that we get is: “Why haven’t I heard about the deferred compensation plan option before?” Usually, this is followed by: “I wish I’d have known about this five or ten or fifteen years ago.” 

Structured Settlement Annuity Brokers and Fee Deferral Programs

Most plaintiff attorneys have heard about structured settlement annuity deferrals for their fees because plaintiff attorneys are marketed to heavily by structured settlement annuity brokers. However, in order to offer participation in a deferred compensation plan to attorneys, you generally have to have a registered investment advisory firm (like Amicus), and you have to have a relationship with the deferred compensation plan administrators that offer these types of programs. 

Most structured settlement brokers are not certified financial planners, and very few structured settlement brokers have their own registered investment advisory firm. Because they do not have access to a registered investment advisory service, talking about the deferred compensation plan option is not in their own financial interest to recommend.

Why Amicus Settlement Planners Is the Top Choice for Attorney Fee Deferrals

That may be one reason why plaintiff attorneys have not heard about deferred compensation plans. We feel it is our responsibility to educate the plaintiffs’ bar about this information — and we pride ourselves on being a full-service, comprehensive registered investment advisory firm in addition to a comprehensive settlement planning firm.

This is why we do the marketing that we do: to educate the plaintiffs’ bar and trial attorneys across the country on the attorney fee deferral options they have if they want to defer their fees and save on income taxes and build wealth for retirement.

We love talking to attorneys about their deferred attorney fee options, and we love helping plaintiff attorneys save money on income taxes and grow their wealth in a really unique way. So, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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